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<p>Elements was founded with a determined spirit and a clear objective: to help estate agents market property better, faster and with more wow factor.</p>
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Elements was founded with a determined spirit and a clear objective: to help estate agents market property better, faster and with more wow factor.


Every idea starts with a problem. To us it was obvious: there are thousands of bad property photos displayed on the portals and high streets. These uninspiring images do a major injustice to the houses they ‘represent’.

We believe every property should be proudly marketed in its best possible light. Visually, listings should stand out, create wonderful first impressions and help get more excited viewers through the door.

With out low cost services, lightning quick turnaround times, easy-to-use systems and awesome customer service, we’re rapidly setting a new standard for property marketing. And we’re just getting started.


Our story begins on January 1st, 2009 with our Founder, Alex Stretton, sat on a plane destined for Brisbane, Australia. Having graduated from The University of Leeds with degrees in Product Design, and Advertising and Marketing, he traveled and coached tennis in Australia before backpacking around South-East Asia. One fateful windy day, some troublesome Bondi sand invaded and destroyed the lens of his Canon Ixus. After upgrading to a DSLR Canon EOS with twin lens kit, he was hooked and fell in love with the art form. 

Upon returning, a new passion came to light; the property industry. After dabbling in various job roles and ventures, Alex launched Elements Property in 2013. In the early days, Alex visited all sorts of residential and commercial property around the Midlands to provide EPCs, photography and floorplans. In the process, visiting many estate agencies and browsing many online listings. A common theme was prevalent.  

It was normal to see dull, uninspiring, poorly taken property photos that invoke a sad sense of melancholy to anyone who’s eyes contemplated them. Why were so many agents photos so bad?

For the larger corporate agents, the explanation was simple: many felt they can ‘get away’ with doing the bare minimum and rely on their brand alone as a marketing tool. Independent agents were very different, they appreciated the benefits that beautiful property photos can bring, but for a lot, they just didn’t have the know-how, the time or the budget to achieve the professional look.

We believe that beautiful property photos are the foundation of a well marketed property. So, in 2015, Image Enhancement was born to offer a simple, affordable solution to help agents who share this belief to fill their windows, brochures and websites with bright, attractive, professional images that stand out from the crowd and create wonderful first impressions.

Flash forward to 2017, and our passionate team of creative individuals work hard each day to help our wonderful clients market their property in their best possible light. We do this not only through images, but also through floorplans, video and education.

The stories and reviews we get from our delighted customers are what keeps us all excited to come to work each and every day. It’s what inspires us to continue innovating new features and services designed to market your property better, faster and with more wow!


Our Values

Make it better

At the core of everything we do. We aim to improve at every opportunity; including our relationships, ourselves, the service we deliver and our processes.

Go the extra mile

By being proactive and delivering above and beyond what’s expected, we aim to continually exceed the expectations of our clients and fellow team members.

Make it beautiful

Presentation matters, great design matters, beautiful imagery matters. We built our business on the foundation that exceptional visual appeal is essential.

Do it properly

The little things matter as much as the big things. We ensure everything is done thoroughly, on time and with no shortcuts, mistakes or corners cut.

Do it quickly

We work fast, efficiently and with focus to get the job done. Whether responding to an email or completing an order, speed is of paramount importance.

Help Don't Sell

We use both ears to listen and learn what’s important to our clients and genuinely help in every way possible, selling for the sake of it isn’t what we’re about.