Floorplan Conversion

We convert hand-drawn property sketches into finished 2D floor plans. Customise the style, colours, branding and info to display. Get Floorplan Conversion from £6.95. 3 hour turnarounds1. No contract.

Sounds like a plan


Benefits of Floorplan Conversion

Save time vs creating yourself

Save money vs paying a floorplan provider

Increase leads by 30% vs listings without2

Win instructions from lazy competitors

Get appreciation from vendors & househunters

A step-by-step guide to Floorplan Conversion

Step 1

You measure & sketch

You visit the property, measure up and sketch the layout. Looking for tips? Read this blog. Not sure what gear to use? Here’s what you need.

Step 2

Upload anytime

Send your sketches to us anytime via our easy-to-use client portal with a simple drag and drop. All your preferences are saved so orders can be placed in just a few seconds.

Step 3

We create your floorplan

We get to work drafting your digital floorplan. We’ll email you when it’s ready – typically, after just 3 hours1. Amendments are free if needed.

How does Floorplan Conversion work?

Customise your floor plans

Floor areas (GIA)
Show/hide the gross internal area (GIA) for each floor.
Room names
Show/hide the room names displayed for each room.
Room measurements
Show/hide measurements displayed in centre of room.
Draw on a north arrow and we’ll include it to show the orientation.
Choose which parts of the address to include, or don’t show one.
Include your logo or watermark to personalise your plans.
Customise to your brand palette, or, choose our Zoned colour style.
Set your own custom disclaimer, use our default text, or hide.
Save your client’s preferences to order bespoke plans quickly.

Black and white floorplans

Zoned colour floorplans

Custom colour floorplans

Floorplan Conversion Pricing

£GBP 🇬🇧  |  €EUR 🇪🇺  |  $USD 🇺🇸  |  $AUD 🇦🇺

What’s included?

Customise your plans in loads of ways, all included in the price – info to show, colour scheme, unit type, north arrow, canvas crop, grouping, orientation, logo, disclaimer and file type.

Number of bedrooms Price
1 – 2 bedrooms £6.95 + VAT
3 – 4 bedrooms £8.95 + VAT
5 bedrooms £10.95 + VAT
6 – 7 bedrooms £14.95 + VAT
8 – 9 bedrooms £26.95 + VAT
16 bedrooms or more Get a quote

⊕ Add-ons

Optional extras if you need them. The additional charge is on top of the floorplan price.

Add-on Additional charge
Whitelabel £2.00 + VAT

Floorplan Conversion FAQs

How do I order Floorplan Conversion?

Via our easy-to-use client portal. Upload up to 5 files and select any Add-ons required. One property per order.

What are your turnaround times?

We aim for 3 hours. Allow a few extra hours if your plan is complex or it’s ordered outside of UK office hours.

What if I need amendments?

Amendments are free. Just tell us what changes are needed from the client portal and we’ll get them done.

How am I billed?

For everything billing related, from payment options to adding billing contacts, please see How does billing work?

Any tips for sketching floorplans?

Yes, read this blog on How to measure a floorplan to RICS guidelines. Also, check out the gear you need.

Can I try Floorplan Conversion for free?

Yes. Sign up and get 3 free orders to use on Floorplan Conversion or any of our other services.

Got a question? Contact us or visit our Support Centre.

Why Elements?

Rapid turnaround

24/7 ordering with 3 hour average turnaround times.


Rated ‘Excellent’ by our clients on reviews.io.

Built for simplicity

Quickly order via our easy-to-use portal in seconds.

Low cost

Affordable pricing that delivers value for money.


Helpful support available via phone, live chat and email.

Contract free
No contracts, simply order when you need us.

Who is Floorplan Conversion for?

Estate & letting agents


Floorplan providers

EPC assessors


Other property professionals

Try Floorplan Conversion for FREE

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What are property floor plans and why are they important?

Floor plans are your property mapped out in a detailed technical drawing. Floor plans are a useful tool to help buyers visualise a property as well as access important information about the size and proportions of the rooms in the property. Estate agents can really benefit from a well-drawn floor plan to boost their property listings.

Rightmove asked 10,000 people if they would instruct an agent who didn’t offer a floor plan as part of their service, and over 50% said no. The same study also found that 78% of vendors rate the importance of having a floor plan when selling a property as 7 out of 10 or more.

The key thing to consider: will having a floor plan increase viewings? Rightmove say that property listings with floor plans receive up to 30% more interest than those without and that around two-thirds of listings on their portal now include a floor plan.

How to convert a hand drawn floor plan

Technology is great. But some things are better the old-fashioned way. Creating property floor plans is one of them. While there are tons of clever smartphone, tablet and desktop apps out there to help you create a digital floor plan, whenever we’ve tried using them to show the correct layout of a property, they just seem time-consuming, complicated, and generally not great.

We’re not suggesting you upload a wobbly-lined, illegible, hand-drawn property floor plan sketch to Rightmove. There’s a much better solution for creating floor plan drawings. Meet AutoCAD. Our experienced team uses this professional software to convert your floor plan drawing into a digital version. We quickly create branded floor plans with customisation options any personalisation superfan would be proud of.

Should I use Metropix or AutoCAD?

Metropix is a popular floor plan creation tool trusted by loads of agents. It has a drag and drop style interface that you use to create your floor plan. We’re not huge fans of Metropix and definitely prefer AutoCAD because it lets us give our agents customisation, quick turnaround times and accurate Floor Plan conversions.

Since 2017, when we started producing floor plans for estate agents and domestic energy assessors, hundreds of Metropix users have come to us asking if we can create floor plan drawings in a similar style to Metropix — and the answer is yes, we can.

Should I include floor plans for rental properties?

Estate agents and lettings agents don’t always see floor plans in the same light. Maybe it’s because budgets are tighter in rental property listings, but check out this study from Rightmove and make your mind up: 43% of landlords would NOT invite an agent to value their home if they did not provide floor plans as standard. So what do we suggest? You should provide floor plans as standard.

The same study found that rental tenants ranked the number one aspect of a property listing as a great selection of property photos, closely followed by an accessible floor plan. Metropix found that 16% of rental property listings displayed a floor plan (as of 2016). That seems low and there is a huge opportunity for letting agents to win landlord instructions simply by providing a floor plan for their property.

How can I use Elements to convert hand drawn sketches into digital floor plans?

When it comes to floor plans, we’re here to make your life easier and save you from battling with software programmes when you could be doing what you do best: signing up new vendors and selling houses. But it’s not only about saving time, we’re here to help you stand out from the crowd too. We take pride in creating the property photos that help elevate your business above the rest.

We create floor plans completely customised to you. Choose exactly what to show and what not to show. Tell us your brand colours and we’ll inject those colours to make your plans tailored and appealing. Send us your logo and we’ll stamp it on the floor plan. A bespoke floor plan accurately portrays the property layout, helps you acquire more business, and triggers action among house hunters.

Floor plans are a valued and often underestimated part of your listing. Make sure you do them right.

  1. We aim for 3 hour turnaround as standard but don’t guarantee it. Actual turnaround times could be quicker or slower depending on the time of day the order is placed, the volume of orders we’re processing on the day and the complexity of the floorplan. Orders placed outside of 9.00pm – 5.30pm GMT will be completed by 9.00am GMT the following day. Turnaround times can also be extended if sketches are unclear and we need clarification from you.
  2. Statistic from How to become an expert in creating ultimate listings on the Rightmove Hub recorded 03 March 2020 available at https://hub.rightmove.co.uk/how-to-become-an-expert-in-creating-ultimate-listings/