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We transform property sketches into 2D digital floor plans in AutoCAD.

Rapid turnaround

We aim to have your completed floor plan back with you in around 3 hours*.

From £6.95 PER PLAN

Low-cost pricing that increases with the number of bedrooms.

We convert hand-drawn property sketches into finished 2D floor plans. Easily customise the style, colours, branding and information to display.

How Does It Work?


You visit the property, measure up and sketch the plan with pencil and paper.


Upload the sketch to us, we’ll turn it into a floor plan using AutoCAD.


Download the finished digital file, ready to show off the property layout!


Floor Areas

We can show the approximate floor areas for each floor in SqM & SqFt.

Room names

We can include the room names to show the layout of your property.

Room measurements

We can include the measurements of individual rooms in SqM & SqFt.


Want to show the orientation? Just draw a north arrow on your sketch plan.


Choose which parts of the address to include, or don’t show one.


Include your colour logo or a watermarked version to personalise and protect your plans.


Customise walls, room fills and text to any combination of colours. 


Set your own custom disclaimer or use our default text.


Set your client’s preferences to order bespoke plans in just a few clicks.

2D Black & White Floor Plans

Colour Floor Plans

Floorplans produced
Average turnaround

Floorplan Conversion Pricing

Pricing starts at £6.95 per plan.

1-2 Bed
£ 6.95
3-4 Bed
£ 8.95
5-6 Bed
£ 10.95
7 Bed
£ 14.95

Prices are exclusive of VAT. For larger or commercial properties please get a quote >



It’s our useful service to transform the hand-drawn sketch of a property into a 2D black & white or colour floor plan JPG or Metropix file, ready to use in your property listing.


Using AutoCAD or Metropix, we carefully produce 2D floor plans in JPG format. What is shown is up to you; choose to include or exclude floor areas (in SqM and SqFt), room names, and the room measurements. We’ll include a compass if you show one on your plan.

Whether you want black & white plans or something a little more colourful, we’ve got that covered. 

For colour floor plans, choose the colour of the walls, the room fill, and the text using our colour picker or by entering the specific colour code. We think matching these to your brand colours looks great!

If you’re a DEA or Property Photographer, you can preset all your client’s preferences in your account to make things super easy when you send us a sketch to convert for them.


It works like this…

– You go out and draw the sketch of the property layout using a good old pencil and paper. Use a laser measure to get accurate measurements and put these on the plan.

– Upload the sketch via our website or email it to us the second you finish it while at the property.

We’ll work our magic and email you when the finished floor plan file or link is ready.

Simple 🙂


Any estate agent or property professional who values the importance of showing a floor plan in their property marketing to show the layout, flow and space on offer.

If you’re an estate agent, energy assessor or property photographer looking for a way of converting your sketches into finished floor plans, then this is the service for you. 


Pricing starts at £6.95 plus VAT for a 1-2 bedroom property. See the full pricing structure here >


We aim for a turnaround of 3 hours, but depending on the complexity and order volumes on the day, it could be a little quicker or take a little longer.


We try to get everything right first time but if amendments are needed, we do as many as required until the floor plan is just right! There are no additional charges for amendments.


We have several distinct USPs over our rivals and everyday clients are coming to us from other floorplan providers. Here’s why…

– We have a simple, flat price of £6.95 + VAT for the vast majority of property types.

– We’re experts in creating custom plans in both AutoCAD and Metropix.

– We’re quicker, with typical turnaround times of just 3 hours.

– We have a daytime, evening and weekend team offering round the clock operating hours.

– We have amazing customer service with telephone support and instant live chat via our website.

– We have a beautiful and super easy-to-use file sharing system.

Here’s more on what we’re all about. Take a look at our Reviews to see what other have to say about us.

Some of our happy clients


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Some things to ponder about property floor plans...

Technology can be great. It is great. But we believe some things are best done the old fashioned way. Creating property floor plans is one of them. While there are tons of clever smartphone, tablet and desktop apps out there to help you create a digital floor plan, whenever we’ve tried using them to show the correct layout of a property, they just seem a bit fiddly, and on the whole, not great!


Now of course, we’re not for a second suggesting you upload a wobbly-lined, illegible, hand-drawn abomination of a property floor plan sketch to Rightmove… enter AutoCAD! Our experienced team use this professional software to transform your sketch into digital form. We create branded floor plans in just a few hours with customisation options Tim Westwood would’ve got very excited about (Pimp My Ride anyone?)


Metropix is a popular online floor plan creation tool used by tons of agents. If you don’t know how it works, it has a drag and drop style interface that you use to create your floor plan. It is essentially a watered-down AutoCAD. You can also select ‘common’ property types from a library and tweak em to look like yours.

If you do know what Metropix is, you may understand why so many agents get frustrated by the time they spend dragging and clicking when they should be out doing proper estate agent work! That’s why, since we began producing floor plans for estate agents and domestic energy assessors in 2017, hundreds of Metropix users have come to Elements asking if we can create floorplans in a similar style to Metropix – yes we can!

Floor plan stats

Are you an estate or letting agent who isn’t sure if floor plans are really all that important in your property listings? These floor plan statistics may sway you. Rightmove asked 10,000 people if they would instruct an agent who didn’t offer a floor plan as part of their service, over half these people said no, they would not be instructing them. The same study also found that vendors, 78% of them to be precise, rate the importance of having a floor plan when selling a property as ‘7 out of 10’ or higher. 

The key thing to consider is, will having a floor plan increase viewings? Rightmove say that property listings with floor plans generally receive up to 30% more interest than those without and that around two-thirds of listings on their portal now include a floor plan. So, yes, they do.

Floor plans for rental properties

We’ve always found a big disconnect between estate agents and letting agents when it comes to their perceived importance of floor plans. Maybe it’s because budgets are tighter in rental property listings, but check this out and see if a few quid could be worth the investment – another Rightmove study found that 43% of landlords would not invite an agent to value their home if they did not provide floor plans as standard. We suggest you provide floor plans as standard!

The same research found that tenants ranked the ability to view floor plans as the second most important aspect of a property listing, with a selection of property photos in at the number one spot. According to Metropix, 16% of rental property listings displayed a floor plan (as of 2016). We think this is very low and there is a major opportunity for letting agents to win landlord instructions, simply by providing a floor plan for their property.

Using Elements to your convert sketches into floor plans

When it comes to floor plans, we’re here to make your life easier and save you time messing around in software programs when you could be focussing on your core strength – signing up new vendors and doing a great job selling houses! But more than time savings, we’re here to help you stand out from the crowd. We come to work every day, excited to create things that help put you on another level from the agents out there who simply don’t care as much as you do when it comes to the presentation of their listings.

We create floor plans completely custom to you. Choose exactly what to show and what not to show. Tell us your brand colours and we’ll inject those colours to make your plans that little bit more exciting. Send us your logo and we’ll stamp it on the plan. A bespoke floor plan accurately portrays the property layout, helps you acquire more business, and triggers action amongst house hunters.

Floor plans are a valued and often underestimated part of your listing. Make sure you do them right.

* We aim for a 3 hour turnaround time as standard if you place the order between 9.00am – 5.00pm GMT on a weekday. Orders placed outside of this time may take longer but will be ready and waiting for you by 9.00am the following day. Learn more about turnaround times >