We can quickly and cost-effectively convert your floor plan sketches into nice 2D floor plans.

There are tons of services and apps out there that can make floor plans for estate agents. But if you’re like me, then you’ll agree that nothing beats sketching out the layout of the property with a good old fashioned pencil and paper with the help of a laser measure. This is especially true if you’re a DEA producing EPCs for your estate agent clients. With a little extra detail, your sketch of the property for the EPC can be sent to us to produce a floor plan.

The only issue with the pencil and paper method is the time and extra processing it takes to convert into a finished floor plan. Now we can help with that! We use AutoCAD to convert sketches of property layouts into digital floor plans in pretty much any file type you need.

floorplan coversion sketch and finished floorplan file

Save time

We help estate agents, DEA’s and property photographers all over the country to quickly convert the sketch plans they send us into a finished floor plan. We aim to do this in around 3 hours (give or take) so the floor plan can be added to the property listing in super quick time.

Save money

If you work with us already for any of our other services like Image Enhancement, you’ll know we like to keep things low cost and simple. Floorplan Conversion is no different; we offer a cost-effective way for you to get professional digital floorplans from your sketches.

Choose what to show on your plans

Easily set up what info you’d like to be shown on your plans. As default, we show everything including the gross internal approximate floor areas (in sq ft and sq m), the individual room dimensions, and the room names. The choice is yours though, select exactly what to show and what to leave out. If you draw a north arrow showing the orientation of the property, then we’ll include that as well. For anything else, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

Custom disclaimers

That legal bit at the bottom of the plan that warns people that the plan “may not be an exact representation” etc can be customised to whatever text you like, or you’re welcome to use our default disclaimer if that works for you.

Branding & custom colours

I’ll tell you what looks awesome… matching the colour of your floor plans to your brand colours. We have just the thing to facilitate that. Choose the colours for the walls, room fill and text to create a bespoke colour scheme just to your liking and ensure your brand consistency is on point!

If you’re a property pro like a DEA producing plans for your clients then you can set up all your clients custom info to be shown and brand colours just one time and we’ll remember their preferences each time you send us a plan for them. Simply choose which client it’s for on the upload page.

Want some free floor plans?

If you’re a property pro new to Elements, set up an account using the promocode BLOG24 and you’ll have 3 FREE orders to see what Floorplan Conversion is all about. Send us some sketches to convert and we’ll work out magic and have the finished files back with you in lightning quick time!

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