You’ve already sketched the property layout for the EPC, why not convert it into a digital floorplan as well?

As a DEA providing EPCs to your estate and letting agent clients, you’ll be sketching out the bulk of the detail needed to produce a digital floorplan in the EPC sketch.

With a tiny bit more detail you’ll have all you need to convert the floorplan sketch into a proper digital floorplan your client can use to market the property!

If you want to increase the strings to your bow, increase your revenue for each property visit and win more work from your clients, read on to find out how you can easily convert EPC sketches into digital floor plans—and why you should.

sketch of a floorplan for a house
Original Sketch
completed 2d black and white floorplan of a house

Why is offering property floor plans important?

Working closely with estate agents, you’ll understand that the housing market is highly competitive. With 95% of buyers conducting their property search online, creating an accurate, enticing listing has never been more important. That’s where floor plans come in.

Many agents outsource the floor plan part of the property marketing package to a third party, often the EPC assessor, so if you’re already whizzing round measuring up for the EPC and sketching it down using a good old fashioned pencil and paper, you’re perfectly placed to offer this important service.

If you can’t offer both, then your client may look to find someone who can do everything in one swift visit – less hassle for everyone involved.

Including a digital floor plan as part of your EPC package will make you stand out from your competitors and help you to win more work—without incurring extra work for yourself.

Offering floor plans as part of an EPC assessment

When surveying a property to issue an EPC, you’ll know all to well how to sketch the basic property layout, with a little more care measuring a few more walls, you’ll have a floorplan sketch ripe for conversion.

With an EPC sketch, you can sometimes get away with just the external doors and walls and a few internal walls. For a proper floor plan sketch, include the following…

  • All internal walls (and as many measurements as possible)
  • Internal doors
  • Windows (roughly marked on as a line)
  • The kitchen worktop, hob and sink
  • Toilets, sinks, baths and showers
  • Stairs

We dive into a little more detail in our article How to draw a floorplan. There’s also a nice free infographic to download that walks you through the steps.

How do you convert EPC sketches into digital floor plans?

The good news is … you don’t! After you’ve sketched out your floor plan and added the extra details, you can simply send it to Elements Property and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our rapid turnaround times mean that you get your finished floor plan back in as little as just 3 hours. And with very low prices, we’re hardly going to eat into your profits!

So you’re already going to the property, you’re already sketching out a floor plan, and you don’t even have to convert the sketch yourself. You have to admit, it’s a pretty low-effort way to increase your revenue.

Floorplan Conversion from Elements

Head over to our Floorplan Conversion page to find out more about what we do, and get in touch if you’ve got any questions.

We’re pretty proud of all our services, but we understand that they might sound too good to be true. That’s why we offer a free trial to DEAs, so you can see the results for yourself with no risk and no commitment.

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