Metropix – have you heard of it? Tons of agents and floorplan providers use it but what is it? How does it work? Is it any good and how much does it cost? Whoa, that was a lot of questions. Let’s take them one at a time.

Picture this. You’re sketching out floor plans by hand. Now what? The chances are you’ve heard of Metropix, as tons of estate agents and floor plan providers use it to convert hand-drawn sketches into finished floor plan files.

Some love it, some are fed up to the back teeth of using it. Either way, it’s very widely used so it must be useful, right?

If you’re new to creating floor plans and plan to include them in your property listings, read on to learn all about this popular software, and decide if it sounds like the right one for you.

**SPOILER: We have a simple alternative to Metropix if you’re really not a fan!**

What is Metropix?

On the surface, it’s a pretty simple idea. Metropix is a website and web-based software first developed by Landmark in 2005 that you can use to create digital floor plans for marketing properties.

When you’re at the property, you measure and sketch out some rooms with a pencil and paper, marking on the windows, stairs, cupboards, toilets, and sinks. But then you need to turn that pencil sketch in your notebook into a sleek, digital floor plan. That’s where something like Metropix comes in.

What are the pros of Metropix?

  • You can create digital floor plans yourself with its drag-and-drop software
  • PlanBank is useful for finding and customising existing plans of properties with a similar layout
  • There’s no need to download software, as plans are created and stored in the cloud using their online software
  • Metropix’s floor plans are compatible with all major property management solutions and agency software

What are the cons of Metropix?

  • Creating plans yourself can take up valuable time
  • Metropix can be very fiddly for creating complex layouts, and it can become pretty frustrating to use
  • AutoDraw takes 24 hours for you to get your completed plans back, and has additional charges

What’s the best alternative to Metropix?

As you can see, there are some good reasons to use Metropix, but you still have to do all the work. And if you’re a busy estate agent, that might not be as convenient as you’d like. Your time is better spent doing what you do best — signing up vendors and selling properties.

Say you do want to do it yourself. You’ve already gone to the property, taken the measurements, sketched out your initial floor plan in pencil, and now you’re supposed to fiddle about on the computer to make it look nice? Talk about time consuming. No matter what software you’re using, it’s a hassle.

If drag-and-drop is starting to feel like a drag, just get someone else to do it for you!

Here at Elements Property, we have loads of experience in creating digital floorplans from a sketch. Send us a pencil sketch and we’ll work our magic on it, delivering a professional floor plan in as little as just 3 hours. How’s that for great service?

How does Floorplan Conversion from Elements Property work?

If you want a floor plan but Metropix isn’t for you, the Elements Property Floorplan Conversion service is the answer.

It’s for people who prefer the control of a good old-fashioned pencil and paper. For those who wish to avoid the hassle of an app not working as it should. So, you go out to the property, measure up and sketch the layout. New to this? Be sure to check out How to draw a floorplan.

We can create floorplans for you in a variety of ways – black and white, custom colour, or zoned colour. The latter is a style almost identical to Metropix in a way that’s similar to their own AutoDraw service but much better. Here’s why:

  • We create your finished floor plan in as little as 3 or 4 hours, sometimes quicker
  • We can create plans in AutoCAD where there are much more options for customisation
  • We’ll send you a high-resolution file of your finished floorplan

Would you like to check out our Floorplan Conversion service for FREE? Here’s a promo code for 3 complimentary orders: Enter BLOG32 when creating an account.

How does Metropix work?

You’ve got a few options when it comes to Metropix. Your choice will depend on what you want — or how busy you are!

Draw Your Own

The first option allows you to draw your own floor plans with a drag-and-drop tool. Click to add rooms, resize the walls, then simply drop in features like doors and windows. Metropix reckons that an average 3-bed house should take under 3 minutes to complete with its software, but if you talk to agents who actually use it, they’d tell you it’s not always as quick as trusting a professional instead.


If you’re too busy to draw your own floorplans, Metropix offers a service where you upload a scan of your initial sketch and they’ll make it for you. The floor plan will be ready and waiting in your Metropix account within 24 hours.

Additional features and upgrades

There are lots of standard features, as well as paid upgrades. For a full breakdown, check out the Metropix Products page but these features include:


  • Access to millions of existing floor plans via PlanBank that you can use as templates
  • Combined floor plans and photos
  • Bespoke colour schemes
  • A space planner allowing house-hunters to place furniture into the rooms
  • Branding


  • 3D floor plans
  • 3D walkthroughs
  • Interactive 3D Google Earth plans, showing the property in its surroundings
  • Maps

The Metropix drag-and-drop system allows you to quickly place doors, windows and other features. You can extend the walls, click to add rooms, and just keep building until your plan is complete.

Once you’re done, you can either use the Metropix link or download the image to show off your property to potential buyers. This gives them a good idea of the size, layout and features of a property before they’ve even visited.

How much does Metropix cost?

You’ve got several options, and you can either pay monthly or per plan. Monthly plans start from £44.90 + VAT and only go higher.

How can I get started with Floorplan Conversions?

Good news! The Elements Property Floorplan Conversion service is much cheaper than a Metropix subscription. Your finished floorplans are available in 3-4 hours and we send you a high-resolution file of your finished floorplans.

Want to try our Floorplan Conversion service for FREE? Remember to use the promo code BLOG32 when you create your account.

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