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Wheelie bins

These look rubbish in your shots. We can digitally take out the trash.

Cars from driveways

Zim zimmer, who got the keys to ma bimmer… Doesn’t matter. We can get rid if you can’t.

Toys, clutter & rubbish

Don’t let a messy house ruin your chance of making a top first impression.

Competitors boards

Keep your awesome agency in the spotlight and get rid of rivals failed efforts.


Can be tricky to shoot in but we maximise appeal whatever the weather.

Anything else!

Nothing stands a chance against the power of the Photoshop magic wand.

Wheelie Bins

Wheelie bins in your property shots look rubbish, but who’s job is it to remove them? Did the vendor ‘forget’ to wheel them out of view? That makes it your job!

You could easily just not bother, right? Right. Save yourself the hassle and get on with your day. Leave it to us to take out the bins with a Photoshop clean up.

Cars from driveways

The vendor’s out, can’t find their car keys, or there’s no sign of the neighbour who’s parked in front of the property. What do you do about the car taking up half the shot?

Cue Photoshop. With a few skilled flicks of the magic wand tool, we can remove cars from your photos to keep the focus on your property and not, err, a Focus.

Toys, Clutter & Rubbish

Moving stuff out of shot eats up your time. But what if the room or garden is mess? Or the array of shampoos and lotions are ruining the vibe of that gorgeous bathroom?

Let us give your property a digital clean up with a few advanced strokes of the the healing brush tool in Photoshop. We’ll have the place neat and tidy in a jiffy.


Competitors boards

Just won an instruction from a rival agent? Nice job! But when you go to take your shots their board is still up. As you roll up your sleeves you ponder if there’s another way.

Rather than have you swinging on the post or scrambling up the wall to remove it, we can get rid with a few fancy moves in Photoshop and keep your brilliant brand in the limelight.


Weather is a royal pain. It varies the light level you have to play with, it changes without warning and it can dramatically affect the visual appeal of your shots.

Sun flairs, snow on the drive and rain on the lens are just some of the challenges you face. And whilst we can’t perform miracles, we certainly give it our best shot.

Anything else!

You get the gist by now. Our modern day Michelangelos can digitally paint out anything you don’t want with a few expert waves of the Photoshop magic wand brush.

Scaffolding, skips, pets, hosepipes, reflections, your shadow… the list goes on. We’ll follow your instructions to remove anything you don’t want displayed in your shots.

Want objects removing from your photos?