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How important is blue sky in property photos? Probably more important than you think!

Online property listings and window displays only give you a few moments to wow those potential buyers.

While you may not be able to control the terribly changeable British weather when it comes to house viewings, you can control the weather in your property photos.

Read on to find out how blue skies can improve your sales…

Grey sky makes us SAD

You’ve heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder, right? This form of depression fluctuates with the seasons and usually gets worse in winter. Symptoms include a persistent low mood, irritability, feelings of despair, overeating and oversleeping.

A milder form of SAD known as the winter blues is brought on by gloomy grey skies, affecting around 17% of the UK population annually.

It’s caused when your hypothalamus doesn’t get enough light and struggles to regulate melatonin (which controls your body clock and appetite) and serotonin (the feel-good hormone).

Medical mumbo jumbo aside, grey skies are just gloomy. They’re dull to look at, they don’t excite us, and they just emit a sense of coldness and impending doom. When you open your curtains in the morning, you’re never happy to see a cloudy grey sky.

Win new instructions

How many estate agents operate in your local area? With the rise of the ‘online estate agents’ and independent franchisees popping up, there is more competition than ever on your turf all trying to get a slice of a pie that at it’s smallest size since the property market crash of 2008.

If you can’t compete on price, you need to think of other ways to convince vendors to sell with you.

Advertising that your agency will add blue skies into your shots is a great way to stand out from the crowd. While your rivals may not bother, it’s a low-cost, high-reward technique.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile for your photos, this instills confidence in your services. And let’s face it, everyone knows that a blue sky just looks better!

Skyrocket your enquiries

Do your rivals’ properties look a little grey and downcast? When you scroll through results on Rightmove, does it all look a little samey? Make sure that when buyers come across your listings, they’ll only see properties with enticing blue skies.

95% of house-hunters now search online for their next home. With the huge technological leaps in screen quality over the last few years, chances are that your viewings are being listed on a Retina Display with high pixel density.

These are found in nearly all Apple products—and we all know how popular those are! Make your properties pop with a blue background that will wow on any device.

FREE blue sky in property photos from Elements Property

Admit it. You’re tempted now. But what if the blue sky edits look fake and OTT? Well, take a free trial and see what you think!

Our team of digital wizards is poised to professionally enhance your shots to make sure that every property gets the enquiries that it deserves. Whether you want a soft edit or a vibrant feel, we can create the blue skies of your dreams.

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Alex Stretton
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