Have you always wondered how to add blue sky to your property photos but never had a clue how to do it? Here’s how to turn grey sky blue.

Online property listings and window displays only give you a few moments to wow those potential buyers. And what things wow? Gorgeous homes, stylish decor, and a sunny blue sky. In the UK? Sounds rare. While you may not be able to control the changeable British weather, when it comes to house viewings, you can control the weather in your property photos by creating a perfect blue sky to elevate the image.

Shots look better and more professional with blue sky

How important is blue sky in property photos? Probably more important than you think.

If you live in the UK, you don’t need us to tell you that 70% of the time our skies are under a thick blanket of grey cloud. You can probably look out of the window right now. If the sky is blue, you’re in luck! When you’re taking property photos, a grey sky will do you no favours and will hamper your best efforts to market a property. Grey skies look dull, lifeless, and kind of depressing — absolutely not the vibe you want your property to give.

That’s why it’s essential to have a blue sky in property photos — to show your listings in the best possible light. There’s a special kind of glow that comes with a bright blue sky in a photograph. Blue skies make you feel uplifted and optimistic — which are both great feelings you a want a potential property buyer to feel!

But sometimes you don’t get the perfect sunny day when you’re taking photos of a property. And that sucks. What if you could enhance your images and include a bright blue sky? With Image Enhancement, you can. We can even insert fluffy white clouds. How do we do that? Let’s find out.

Enhanced - Vibrant edit
Enhanced - Soft edit
Enhanced - Soft edit
Enhanced - Vibrant edit

Blue sky edits and Image Enhancement

We specialise in Image Enhancement for estate agents and property professionals around the globe. How does it work?

  • Upload your property photos to us — just drag and drop
  • Our team of expert digital artists get to work
  • You get your edited property photos back the same day

But sometimes you don’t get the perfect sunny day when you’re taking photos of a property. And that sucks. What if you could enhance your images and include a bright blue sky? With Image Enhancement, you can. We can even insert fluffy white clouds. How do we do that? Let’s find out.

Why you should add a blue sky to property photos

Advertising that your agency will add blue skies into your shots is a great way to stand out from the crowd. While your rivals may not bother, it’s a low-cost, high-reward Image Enhancement technique.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile for your photos, this gives clients confidence in your services. And let’s face it, everyone knows that a blue sky makes your property photos look better, more appealing, and will help you sell more properties.

Plus, blue skies make people think of holidays, summer time, ice cream in the garden — all good things to associate with a new property!

Can grey skies have negative effects?

If you’ve heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) you’ll know it’s a form of depression that usually gets worse in winter. In fact, the winter blues affects around 17% of the UK population annually. Grey skies can add to feelings of depression, and that’s the last thing you want to provoke with your property photos.

Do your rivals’ properties look downcast? Make sure that when buyers come across your listings, they’ll only see properties with enticing blue skies. Because a bright blue sky makes everyone feel better.

95% of house-hunters search online for their next home. And the chances are that your viewings are being accessed on a retina display with high pixel density — all the more reason to make sure your property photos pop with a vibrant blue sky to wow your house-hunters on any screen and in your window displays.


How to add a blue sky to property photos

Option 1: Do it yourself

You could do it yourself with Photoshop or Lightroom, but that needs time, skill, the software and the know-how. There are a ton of video tutorials on adding blue sky to real estate photos on YouTube. It’s not rocket science and it has got easier over the years as Lightroom has improved but it’s still one more step in your daily workflow you can avoid.

Option 2: Wait for a sunny day

In years gone by, this was your only choice but these days trying to plan your shoot around the sun is just a nightmare and unrealistic. No doubt your diary and the vendor’s diary are full so calling up Mrs Jones 30 mins before you’re due to arrive to say ‘Yeah about those photos… I’ll come another day as it’s a bit cloudy out’ it a sure-fire way to p*ss off your clients and cause more hassle for everyone.

Option 3: Outsource your property photos for editing (the pro’s choice!)

This is where we can help. You could make the better business decision (like hundreds of other happy agents have) and trust Elements Property to enhance your images with the perfect crowd-pleasing blue skies. Let’s be real – we’ll do a better job at photoshopping in a blue sky than you or your team, and you save the time and hassle of doing it yourself.

With our Image Enhancement service, you can choose between different edit styles, and different blue skys – with any combination optimised to make your photos look their best and to help you sell more houses. Here’s how we do things…

Blue sky edit options with Elements

Our digital team perfectly enhance your property photos with a choice of vibrant or soft edits to suit your needs. Whether you want a rich, eye-catching blue sky or a classic, understated blue sky, we can make your all-important external photos look picture perfect in any edit style.

We also offer a choice of blue sky cloud formations to mix up the look of those all-important externals shots across all your listings.

Want us to edit in a blue sky for FREE?

We have the best team of digital professionals on the planet ready to get to work on your shots. If you like the sound of having your property photos professionally enhanced then why not sign up for a free trial of our services? Keen to learn more? Click the button and use the promo code BLOG21 when you create an account.

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PS – the blue sky edit also comes in handy on travel photos! When I was blazing trails on a dirt bike across Indonesia, I found myself in Bali photographing Ulun Danu Beretan temple. That’s the one on the Lonely Planet guide book front cover that majestically shows off the essence of Hindu-Buddhist architecture.

Sadly the sky was completely overcast and the shot looked completely rubbish. A drag and drop later and the file was with our Images Team for the same blue sky Photoshop treatment we give a 3 bed semi in Rotherham, it was cover-worthy in under 3 hours. Happy days.

bali temple with grey sky
Bali temple with grey sky
bali temple with blue sky
Bali temple with blue sky
Alex Stretton