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Have you always wondered how to add blue sky to your property photos but never had a clue how to do it? Here’s how to turn grey sky blue.

First, let me tell you a quick story. I was recently blazing trails on a dirt bike across Indonesia when I found myself in Bali photographing Ulun Danu Beretan temple. That’s the one on the Lonely Planet guide book front cover that majestically shows off the essence of Hindu-Buddhist architecture.

Sadly the sky was completely overcast and the shot looked completely rubbish. A drag and drop later and the file was with our Images Team for the same blue sky Photoshop treatment we give a 3 bed semi in Rotherham. It was cover-worthy in under 3 hours.


For those of us living in the UK, we don’t need Wikipedia to tell us that 70% of the time we find ourselves covered in a thick blanket of grey cloud. This will do the appeal of your most important property marketing shots no favours whatsoever. Here’s your available options for switching out that unappealing grey sky for a nice blue one, complete with white fluffy clouds.

Option 1 – Add blue sky yourself using Photoshop

This of course requires time, skill and know-how. If you have all of those then this is a pretty solid option. However, if you’re an estate agent chances are you’re more at home, well, selling or letting someones home that performing complex digital wizardry.

If you want to learn how to do it yourself, just search YouTube for “how to add blue sky in photoshop” and take your pick of any of the 28,000+ results.

Option 2 – Send your images to a digital wizard

There are several companies out there offering Image Enhancement services with varying prices, turnaround times, quality and customer service. We specialise in enhancing images for estate agents in the UK. It works like this; you upload your property photos to us with a simple drag and drop, our team of expert digital artists go hard on maximising their wow factor, and you get them back the same day.

Here’s a 66 second video showing how we do things…

“But blue sky edits can look fake”

I hear you, yes they can. And when they’re bad they’re really bad! Our look good. Plus, you can choose your edit style from a Vibrant or a Soft edit style. This gives you the ability to have either a strong, rich, eye-catching blue sky or a classic, understated, mild blue sky – whichever matches your brand or personal preferences.

Vibrant edit

The Vibrant edit provides a rich, punchy look and feel with vivid colours designed to stand out and grab attention. See more Vibrant edit examples >


Soft edit

The Soft edit offers a subtle, gentle look and feel with milder colours designed to breath a classic, understated essence into your images. See more Soft edit examples >


Want us to put blue sky in your shots for FREE?

We have the best team of digital wizards on the planet raring to get to work on your shots. If you like the sound of having your property photos professionally enhanced then why not sign up for a free trial of our services? Keen to learn more? Click the button and use the promocode!

We’d love you to check out our Image Enhancement service for FREE so here’s a promocode for you, enter BLOG21 when creating an account 🙂



Alex Stretton
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