Resolution, file type, and file size – not the most exciting topics in the world, granted, but important ones nonetheless.

Resolution is especially important if you’re a savvy estate agent wanting to take gorgeous photos that do your company brand justice, get the phone ringing off the hook and leave elated vendors in your wake. So here are the basics.

File type

With digital SLR cameras you can save photos as RAW files or as JPG (also know as JPEGs). You don’t want anything to do with RAW files. They’re big, cumbersome and aren’t accepted by Rightmove. They’re more for the pros – using RAW files would be like putting out a candle using a fireman’s hose, plus you’d need some serious editing talent.

What file type should I use?

Just make sure your camera is set up to save your files as JPGs. JPGs are your friend, they don’t ask a lot from you. They are perfect for estate agent photography because they are easier and quicker to process than RAW. Also, the file sizes for display on the web or in print brochures simply do not need to be that big, so shooting RAW would be like putting out a candle with a fireman’s hose.


Camera resolution is measured in megapixels (MP). The more pixels in a file, the more detail can be captured and the sharper the image will be. An affordable entry level digital SLR camera will be able to shoot up to 12 or 18 megapixels, which, by the way, is more than adequate for taking stunning shots.



If you are wondering what the 2266 x 1504 means, this is the number of vertical columns of pixels multiplied by the number of horizontal rows of pixels, also know as the Resolution.

  • Small: 2256 x 1504 = 3,393,024 pixels = 3.4 megapixels
  • Medium: 3088 x 2056 = 6,348.928 pixels = 6.3 megapixels
  • Large: 4272 x 2848 = 12,166,656 pixels = 12 megapixels

What resolution should I shoot at?

Rightmove says 1024 x 683 but we say go higher. Why? Because whenever a photo is edited or enhanced the detail is compressed and the photo loses some of its quality. So we say get your wrench out and crank it up. 4272 x 2848 (or 12 megapixels) will serve you well.

Also, photos for brochures and window displays need a high resolution to ensure maximum clarity. Don’t set it too high as the file sizes will be huge and there will be no visible difference.

Setting your camera to 4272 x 2848 or 12 megapixels will ensure the quality of your photos is excellent. You will get sharp, high quality images that can be used either on the web, or in print brochures up to a size of 50x76cm.

Going higher than a resolution of 4272 x 2848 won’t noticeably improve the quality of the photos but it will turn the files into slow-loading oafs that are hard to control.

File size

File size is a good indicator of whether your camera is optimally set up for taking the best property photos. Too small and you’ll notice your shots are of poor quality. Too big and your memory card and hard drive will fill up in double quick time.

The higher the resolution and megapixels, the higher the file size. But there comes a point where no matter how much you increase the resolution, any increase in quality is impossible to be spotted by eye.

What size should my image files be?

If your camera is set to 4272 x 2848 or 12 megapixels, a ball park file size is 3-6MB. Go now and have a look – if your file size is higher you’re wasting memory. Any lower and your shots are suffering. 3-6MB is a good healthy size to aim for.

The light levels, colour, shade, tones etc all play a big part in determining the size of the file, so even with your settings remaining the same, the file sizes of individual photos will vary.

Need more help with your camera set up?

So there you have it; file type, resolution, and file size. Hungry for more help using your camera? Download the eBook I’ve written that will guarantee you start taking better shots, today. Property photos are what get the buyers to the door remember, so it pays to know what you’re doing.

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