The sun is shining, the birds are singing and you head out with a spring in your step to shoot a vendor’s house on a glorious sunny day, perfect! Actually, no it’s not, far from it.

The problem with the sun rearing its extremely luminescent head directly behind your vendors house is that it causes extreme contrast with very dark shadows and the house will almost appear as a silhouette.

As brilliant as artistic experimentation with chairoscuro can be, it certainly has no place in your property photography. The good news is that you have options available to fix this problem.

Option 1: Come back another time

For most busy agents this really isn’t a realistic option. Rescheduling messes up your already busy diary and your vendors. But sure, coming back another time or day when the sun will help rather than hinder your photographic efforts will work.

Option 2: Move closer, crouch and shoot upwards

Try moving yourself around to find a shooting angle where the sun is actually hidden behind the house, moving closer to the house often works. Make sure you’re crouched down to take the shot looking up from a low position.

bright sun behind detached house with sun flare showing
Further away - sun showing above the house
bright sun behind detached hosue with white garage
Closer - sun hidden behind the house

Photoshop to the rescue

The shot will still look a bit rubbish if we’re honest with ourselves. The last thing to do it lift those dark pixels, boost the colours and add in a nice blue sky to replace the backdrop of a giant orb of white light resembling a nuclear explosion. We can do all the Photoshop magic very quickly if you need some help with that, learn more about Image Enhancement here >

This shot below was the one taken closer to the house after we corrected everything in Photoshop.

enhanced image - bright sun and dark shadows corrected
After enhancement in Photoshop

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