It’s nice to have nice property photos, but do they actually affect the sale price? Whilst I have no empirical evidence for you (yet!), I do have some very interesting insight to suggest that they can.

Disclaimer – We offer Image Enhancement services for estate agents and we’ve made it our mission to banish bad property photos from the portals and window displays of the UK for good! So, is this a biased article to say use our service and you’ll get higher sale prices? No. I kept it factual to show you what happened when I sold a bread and butter victorian terraced property in Nottingham.

Better photos = more enquiries and sale prices?

Firstly, the feedback from our estate agent clients who use a digital SLR camera with wide-angle lens to ensure they take spectacular property photos, and who take the time to lovingly enhance their images find that they:

  • get more enquiries than when they use a basic point and shoot camera
  • are “more likely” to achieve the asking price or higher

My personal experience

On a personal note, I recently tried my hand at refurbishing a property. Seeing the dingy, tired old house transform into a bright, modern home for a first time buyer is something I would love to do again.

BEFORE: The house pre-refurb, taken with a compact “point and shoot” camera.

21 worth street pre refurbishment


AFTER: These are the shots I took to use in the property marketing on Rightmove.

Here’s what happened

Once the amazing team of tradesmen had worked their magic, 4 estate agents came to value the property, all saying that “£90,000 – £100,000 absolute tops” should be achievable. Other newly refurbished properties were available on the same street in the same price bracket.

  • We marketed the property at the high end for £100,000.
  • A viewing was booked the day the listing went live.
  • An offer was made of £103,000.
  • We agreed a sale and smashed the ceiling price on the street for a 2 bed terrace.

Stand out from the competition and make a great first impression!

The quality of the refurb obviously played a key role in the high sale price, but so did the impact of the property photos. By using the right equipment and taking the time to enhance the images in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, my images stood out and conveyed a perceived higher value.

A big thank you to the team at HoldenCopley is also due, they did a top job managing the sale of the property. They now use us to enhance all their property images and we love having them on board.

First impressions count for so much online and we can inject that same wow factor into your shots to help you stand out from the competition and achieve the highest sale price possible!

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