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If you don’t know much about photo editing, you might not realise how much difference it can make.

After all, those property shots you just took look fine. But is ‘fine’ enough to win instructions and sell houses? We don’t think so. That’s why we wanted to share a guide to the essential edits that we perform on your property photos so you can see exactly how much better they can be at an exceptionally low price.

These are the edits that we carry out as standard when you use our Image Enhancement service, but we also offer ‘Add-ons’ like object removal at an additional cost.

Blue sky edit

Sometimes the weather just isn’t cooperating on shoot day, and your external shots end up looking a little gloomy and dull.

Fortunately, we can easily drop in a beautiful blue sky behind your property to brighten things up and make your listing stand out. You can even choose which sky you want!

Exposure correction

Internal shots can often come out a little dark, even if you switch on all the lights. Exposure correction allows us to salvage your dark shots, creating bright, appealing images that highlight the features of a room.

We always advise against using flash for property photography. It can wash out the image and is much harder to correct than a shot that’s too dark.

Shadow lift

Similarly, dark shadows in your images can cover up important details and simply don’t look very professional.

We’ll edit any very dark shadows caused by bright sunlight, creating a softer shadow without overexposing the other areas of the image.

Colour balance

Lighting and camera settings can sometimes cause the colours in your photo to come out looking unnatural and uneven.

By adjusting the white balance, temperature, saturation, or even adding a coloured tint, we’ll create images that look bright, warm and natural.


This edit does exactly what it says on the tin! It can be hard to take a level photograph, especially in smaller rooms. The result is wonky walls and sloping floors—which aren’t great selling points for your property!

By simply rotating and cropping the image, we’ll make sure that everything is nice and straight. This gives a professional result that allows people to better focus on the property’s features.

Lens correction

Depending on which type of lens has been used, the perspective in the image may have become distorted. This can make walls and other uprights appear slanted, giving a bit of an Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland vibe.

We’ll tweak a few settings to counter this effect, leaving you with a more accurate image for both interior and exterior shots.

Watermark (optional)

Our final essential edit is one that is only done by request, as some people prefer their shots without a watermark.

Adding your company’s logo to your images prevents other vendors from ‘borrowing’ them and shows that you are truly dedicated when it comes to marketing your clients’ properties.

Try our essential edits for free!

If your property photos are looking a little under the weather and our essential edits sound like exactly what the doctor ordered, you’ll be happy to know you can try our Image Enhancement service for free!

Simply enter code BLOG53 when you create your account and we’ll show you what we can do!

Alex Stretton
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