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Photos are one of the most important elements when it comes to listing a property.

They’re essential to piquing interest and booking those all important viewings, but it’s not always easy to get it right. Let’s take a look at what makes a perfect set of property photos.

Is it okay to post a listing without photos?

To some, this may seem like a daft question but there are estate agents out there who list a property without any pictures at all. Instead, they use a place holder which reads ‘images coming soon’.

I implore you to never do this! Do not rush. Take the time to fully package up your listing with all the love and care it needs to pack a punch when it hits the portals.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so you should never put a property listing live without a good set of photos.

Even if you’re rushing to get the property on the market and you don’t have all the shots you want, hold fire! Rightmove listings receive the most views in their first two weeks online, and instant property alerts mean that people could be notified of the listing as soon as it’s posted.

Don’t waste those key moments with an unfinished listing. See how to create the ultimate Rightmove listing.

What photos should I take when photographing a house?

Take as many photos as you can while at the property to give the most options when it comes to putting your listing together.

Try to put yourselves in a buyer’s shoes: What photos would you need to see before you felt comfortable booking a viewing?

As a rule, the listing should have at least one picture per room, but where you use multiple shots, ensure that they are not too similar. Try taking them from different angles or a different corner of the room.

Rightmove say to use at least 5 images, I don’t agree with this unless you’re selling a patch of land, a garage or a 1 bedroom flat. The more images, the better. Aim for between 8 and 24 for the best results. The bigger the house, the more shots you should take.

Basic set – take these property photos as an absolute minimum

Obviously every house is different so use your judgment and if you need to take more or less that what I’ve listed below. Remember 8 – 24 images will do the job nicely but take more if you wish:

  • Front external: 1–2 shots
  • Rear external: 1 shot
  • Garden: 1–3 shots
  • Living room: 1-2 shots
  • Dining room: 1-2 shots
  • Hall/stairs: 1 shot
  • Kitchen: 1-2 shots
  • Bedrooms: 1-2 shots each
  • Bathroom: 1-2 shots

If you’ve got it – flaunt it!

If your property has anything to show off over and above the basic set, then snap away my friend. Why would you not? I’m all for selling the sizzle and not the steak and all that but don’t limit the potential of your listing by missing out any of the following:

  • Entrance hall: 1 shot
  • Stairs: 1 shot
  • Home office: 1–2 shots
  • Ensuite: 1 shot
  • Utility room: 1 shot
  • Conservatory: 1–2 shots
  • Balcony: 1-2 shots
  • Driveway: 1 shot
  • Garage: 1 shot
  • Parking: 1 shot
  • Cellar: 1 shot
  • Views: 1-2 shots
  • Outbuildings: as required
  • Land: as required
  • Details: as required
  • Local features: as required

Don’t forget these key property shots

It’s easy to overlook some shots that you might not think are all that important but buyers and renters will really like to see. I’ve mentioned these above already but I feel they are worth another mention again here:

  • A shot from the bottom of the garden looking back at the rear of the house.
  • Views and local features (if you’ve got them).
  • Details – see below.

Details matter

Each property has its own unique details and quirks. These can often be missed in the standard wide-angle shots of individual rooms, so make sure to take some close-ups of the special things that make a property unique.

These details help potential buyers to build a connection with the property, add a touch of personality, and make a listing more memorable.

Ready for the perfect set of property photos?

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Alex Stretton
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