Zim zimmer, who got the keys to ma bimmer… Doesn’t matter. Get rid of cars from your property shots with Photoshop.

You’re selling the house, not the car in the driveway so removing cars from property photos should be your goal. It’s good practice to go old school and actually get the car driven out of shot if you can, but this isn’t always possible. The vendor’s out, you’re in a rush, it’s the neighbour’s car, the white-van man is busy up in the loft; whatever the reason you can’t move it, you know the shot would look a whole lot better if you could.

Removing cars from property photos

Do you really want 30% of your most important marketing shot – the external – being taken up by something you’re not even selling? You’d be in the minority if you don’t really mind. That 3 series isn’t going to add any extra value! Keep your property photos free of Beemers, Corsas, Novas and Rovers and keep your vendors delighted.

“But I don’t know a thing about Photoshop” I hear you cry, that’s okay. Just know that we do and we can remove any unwanted objects including cars from your property photos in just a few hours.

red car removal and bins removed from front of end terrace house - original
red car removal and bins removed from front of end terrace house - enhanced

Lightroom, Photoshop, and Image Enhancement

If you’re an agent that values the importance of presenting their properties nicely with beautiful photos, thumbs up! Not all do.

You may have set up your team with a nifty camera and lens, given them a crash course in Adobe Lightroom, and they may be doing an awesome job. But if the complex process of removing cars in Photoshop is a step too far or is eating up to much of their time, you may want to consider sending the images to us for enhancement. We can get rid of anything you don’t want and turbo-charge the wow factor of all your shots.

Alternatively, you may outsource your property photography to a pro who should be doing these Photoshop edits as part of their fee, if so happy days. This is a great option if you can afford it, but our clients have typically saved 90% by bringing things in-house and leaving the pro edits to us.


You take the shots, we take the image for a spin through Photoshop. Some skillful pixel replacement using the magnetic edges lasso and the healing bush tool will have that car gone in a jiffy and the recycle bin full of unwanted automotive pixels.

We don’t hang about either, you’ll have the car-free shot back with you the same day – in just a few hours in fact.

Do you want cars removed from your shots?

Removing cars from property photos is just one of the 9 ways to prepare for a property shoot but it’s number 1 on the list. Keeping your external images free of cars will provide a clean, clutter-free, professional look to your most important marketing shot. Click the button to learn more about these, and all the other edits we can do to inject bucket loads of wow factor into your shots.

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