During the current COVID-19 lockdown, many industries have been unable to continue business as usual.

The property sector is one that has seen a great deal of delays and disruption, with property viewings, valuations and even move-in dates affected. To continue moving things forward during the lockdown, you may wish to teach your vendors and landlords how to photograph their own home.

This article is an overview of my Rightmove webinar “Teach your customers (and yourself) how to take great photos” which I delivered in April.

Photograph a house using a mobile phone

You might not think that you can take high-quality property photos without a high-tech camera or years of photography experience, but you can! (Just not quite as good as if using a DSLR with wide-angle lens.)

The most important thing is to follow a few essential guidelines to ensure that the composition of the shots is professional and enticing, as this can’t be edited in post – more on this later.

Image settings

Before taking photos, your vendors should ensure that their image settings are as follows:

  • Image type: JPG or PNG
  • Image size: 3–6MB (No larger than 10MB)
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3

Camera settings

Once they open the camera app, these are the most important settings for your vendors to check:

  • Mode: Photo
  • Flash: Off
  • HDR: On
  • Filter: Off
  • Live mode: Off
screenshot of apple ios mobile phone camera screen with a property in view
screenshot of samsung android mobile phone camera screen with a property in view

Key shots to take

To make sure that potential buyers get a good understanding of what the property has to offer, we recommend that your vendors take these key shots as a minimum:

  • Front external: 1–2 shots
  • Living room: 1–2 shots
  • Dining room: 1–2 shots
  • Hall/stairs: 1 shot
  • Kitchen: 1–2 shots
  • Bedrooms: 1–2 shots each
  • Bathroom: 1–2 shots
  • Rear external: 1–2 shots
  • Garden: 1–3 shots
9 property photos
Key shots to take

Composition tips

How your vendors position the subject in the frame can make or break the appeal of the photo. Here are some tips for getting great property shots:

  • Shoot in landscape
  • Take photos from an angle instead of straight on
  • Shoot from waist height
  • Frame things in the corners
  • Shoot through an open door
  • Look for the Golden Section

Learn more about each of these in 5 tips for composing your property shots like a pro.

Property marketing during COVID-19

As many of your day-to-day duties may not currently be possible due to lockdown restrictions, this is a great time to really focus on marketing your properties.

People have more free time to browse properties online, and this means that your listings will be under more scrutiny! Take the time to write engaging, unique descriptions, add floor plans and photos of local views and features, and do whatever else you can to create exceptional listings.

One of those ‘whatever else’ items could also be a Video Slideshow, these are an excellent way to show off a property in a HD branded video for a very cost effective price.

Spending more time on your listings will make them look more professional, allowing you to win more instructions and be able to charge more for your services. This is particularly important if your estate agency has been struggling financially during lockdown.

Do your vendors’ property photos need tweaking?

After you teach your vendors how to photograph their own home, you might still need to tweak the images to make sure that they show the property at its best.

Elements Property’s Image Enhancement service is exactly what you need to transform photos that suffice into photos that wow!

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