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MJ. What a legend, the king of pop. Become the king of estate agents by learning how to easily remove your reflection from property photos. Shamone.

Picture this. As a busy estate agent, you’re whizzing round a vendors house and get to photographing the bathroom. But, after picking the best spot to take the shot you realise there’s one problem glaring back at you and your camera; you can see your reflection in the mirror.

Removing reflections

As you find yourself looking at the man (or woman!) in the mirror recalling jamming to Michael Jackson’s album Bad, you wish your reflection would just Beat It! Here’s how to quickly and easily fix the problem of your reflection sometimes appearing in the shot.

You’ve got a couple of options to get your reflection out of the shot.

  1. Moonwalk over to another spot to take the shot from. This can work, but it can also be tricky in a bathroom as the layout pretty much dictates where you can stand, or crouch. And let’s face it, it feels strange to stand in the vendors bath.
  2. Use Photoshop to remove your reflection in post-production. With a few magical waves of the clone tool, your reflection can be banished from the shot. If you don’t have the time or skills for this, we do. Not only can we remove your reflection, but also those bottles, lotions and potions to keep the space both photographer and clutter free.


Removing other clutter and mess

Clearly you don’t have the time to embark on a full scale tidy up of a vendors bathroom but all those bottles and loo rolls are kind of messing up the shot. Cue Photoshop again to… heal the image, make it a better space, for you and your buyers and the smile on your vendors face.

If you need help with the digital clean up of a property, we can get everything spick and span for you in just a few hours and for just £2.00. Take a look at all these other things we can remove from your property photos.


Want some help removing things from your shots?

If you don’t have the time to use Photoshop then that’s fine, keep doing what you do best and sell loads of property. We’re here if you need us! You’re welcome. We boost colours, lift shadows, sharpen clarity, remove objects and insert blue sky – all from just £6.95 per property.

We’d love you to check out our Image Enhancement service for FREE so here’s a promocode for you, enter BLOG18 when creating an account 🙂




Alex Stretton
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