“Oooh look here, this listing has a nice set of drab, boring images. Let’s stop searching for our perfect home immediately and book a viewing!” Said no house-hunter. Ever.

If you have vibrant, smart, well-taken shots compared to the droves of drab out there on the online portals like Rightmove, On The Market, Zoopla etc, the difference is huge, HUGE! A great property photo should be your goal every time your camera goes click.

Which properties are going to stand out, create a better first impression, and go straight to the top of your buyers shortlist? Yours, of course.

The thing is, it’s actually incredibly easy to take sensational property photos by following a few simple guidelines and using the right camera and lens. Stick with us and we’ll tell you everything you need to know to capture shots that not only look amazing but also help you sell more property in less time.

The number 1 rule – don’t be dull

Many things can lead to a bad photo, like the good old British weather, the wrong camera, or a poorly taken shot. The thing that amazes me is the number of properties that are brought to market where the marketing images look average at best (and that’s being generous).

It’s not uncommon, in fact I’d say it is most definitely the norm, to see photos taken out of focus, shot from unflattering angles, or so dark that the room looks like the inside of Darth Vaders wardrobe. A few killer tips is all it takes to overcome these basic mis-snaps.

Captured with a point and shoot camera. No image enhancement.

Your images have to be eye-catching, bright and vibrant

Obvious really, so why don’t more agents make more of an effort with their most important marketing tool? I really don’t know, but don’t be one of them.

If you want people eagerly clicking on your properties and booking in viewings, then create a first impression so good that the images practically jump out of the screen! Here’s a few tips for maximising the appeal of your photos:

Internal shots

External shots

  • Shoot in landscape and from an angle, never face-on to the property
  • Crouch down to shoot from waist height
  • Use image enhancement to combat the flat, dull images that are still common right off the memory card no matter how well you take the shot

Captured with a point and shoot camera. No image enhancement.

If you haven’t already, you may want to download a copy of our Ultimate Guide to Property Photography. It’s packed full of more simple tips to help your team capture beautiful property photos – and it’s completely free.

We can also help boost the wow factor of your images. Our digital artists are here 24/7 to work their magic. From inserting blue skies to removing bins, and everything in between, we’ll have your photos back with you in as little as just 3 hours bursting with wow factor!

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