So this is Alex speaking/typing, I’m the founder of Elements Property and here’s the story of who we are, what we do, and why we care so much about making your property photos amazing.

Who are we? After graduating from Nottingham Trent Uni with an MSc in Building Surveying, I started the company in 2013 to provide Energy Performance Certificates and floor plans to residential and commercial agents across the East Midlands.

As much as I loved clambering around dusty industrial plant rooms or poking my head through varying thickness’ of loft insulation in vendor’s houses, the exuberant cries of “YES!! The EPC assessor is here! I can’t wait to pay you money for this certificate that I don’t want!” were few and far between. Something had to change.

My first camera and fame in the family

I’ve loved photography ever since my freshers days at Leeds Uni in ’04 when I literally stumbled across a Canon IXUS on the floor outside Oceana one night, these were the days before camera phones were a thing and I just started snapping things, anything, and I was hooked.

It also runs in the blood. My Great, Great Uncle was this guy: P.H. Emerson. Never heard of him? Unless you’re deeply into the history of pioneering photography with a particular focus on the Life and Landscapes of the Norfolk Broads circa 1888, then you won’t. But in some circles, he’s kind of a big deal, his images were recently exhibited at Nottingham Castle and The Tate.

Evolution into property photography

My transition into photographing houses came shortly after starting the company as I had my Canon EOS 450D DSLR camera knocking around. Bought in Sydney in ’09 after some Bondi sand killed my Oceana point and shoot camera, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever bought. That camera has been my trusty sidekick in helping me capture these shots from my adventures around Australia, South-East Asia, Central America and Africa.

All she needed was a new wide-angle lens to capture stunning photos of houses. But even after reading all the glowing reviews, parting with the best part of £350 for a Sigma 10-20mm f3.5 EX DC HSM wide-angle lens was not pleasant, but MY GOD was it worth it! The property shots it enabled me to take were simply stunning. They helped our clients get way more enquiries and kept their viewings diary chock-a-block.

Anyway, why should you care about any of this?

Since 2013, I’ve taken thousands of property photos and helped sell hundreds of properties, I’ve trained estate agents how to capture beautiful shots and I’ve written a FREE eBook called the Ultimate Guide to Property Photography teaching you how to do it as well. I’m now here telling you that you simply do not need to be a pro to be able to shoot like one.

The only photography training I’ve ever done was in an Art & Design foundation course I did after 6th form where we sloshed around some chemicals in a dark room. Everything I learned about shooting houses I figured out for myself and I’m telling you all you need is some basic know how and the right camera and lens to shoot stunning property photos like these…

Maximising the wow factor of your images

Fast forward to the present day and we now specialise in the digital image enhancement of property photos for our estate agent clients across the world. We have a slick system in place for the sharing of image files with our team of digital artists who are experts in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and perform a suite of edits on thousands of images each month.

From inserting a blue sky to removing bins and everything in between, we can transform the shots you take into sets of stunning marketing images in as little as 3 hours. Interested? Check out our Image Enhancement service.

I want you all to have better property photos

Passion. Sure, it’s an age-old cliche but property and photography are two passions of mine that genuinely fire me up. I love them both. And I love to see great property photos in windows and on web portals, that’s why I give out practical advice teaching estate agents across the country how to capture stunning property photos completely free. It’s advice that I could quite easily charge for but don’t.

Me and my team make our living by enhancing the images that you take, and if you want to partner with us for Image Enhancement – great! Your images and your clients will love you for it. If not, hey, there’s no love lost. You know where to find us if you change your mind.

Do you want my simple tips for sensational shots?

If you’re an agent that values the importance of great property photography and you want to learn how to take nice shots in house, then this guide is for you! It’s packed full of useful, practical advice that you and your team can start implementing today.

I cover everything you need to know, things like the best camera and lens to use, how to fine-tune the settings, file sizes and resolution, preparing the house for a shoot, plus MUCH more. Download our Ultimate Guide to Property Photography.

Want to learn more about Image Enhancement?

You may already use another provider for this, or do it in-house, or maybe you’ve never enhanced any of your shots. You may even use a pro photographer and they do it, either way – if you want to find out more about how we do things then give the button below a click.

We love working with estate agents who value the importance of great photography, so if that’s you, we’d love you to check out our Image Enhancement service for FREE – here’s a promocode for you, enter BLOG17 when creating an account 🙂

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