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Oct 9,2020

What does a perfect set of property photos look like?

Photos are one of the most important elements when it comes to listing a property. They’re essential to piquing interest

Aug 17,2020

A guide to the essential edits we perform on your property photos

If you don’t know much about photo editing, you might not realise how much difference it can make. After all,

Jun 10,2020

The Golden Section (and 3 Golden Rules for photographing houses)

We’re always looking for tips and tricks to improve property photography. The Golden Section is one of our favourites, and

May 12,2020

What do the numbers on a camera lens mean?

Ever wondered what all those numbers (and other stuff) on your camera lens actually mean? Today, we’re breaking that down.

May 7,2020

Mirrorless cameras: The future for property and real estate photography?

Mirrorless cameras are something of an emerging technology in the field of photography, so you may be wondering whether they

Apr 17,2020

Teach your vendors how to photograph their own home during COVID-19 lockdown

During the current COVID-19 lockdown, many industries have been unable to continue business as usual. The property sector is one

Oct 11,2019

Crop sensor vs full frame: What’s best for photographing houses?

What camera (or sensor) type do you need for property photography? If you’re a more advanced photographer, you may have come across the terms “crop sensor” and “full frame”, and the various features of each. Read more >

Aug 30,2019

7 simple steps to photograph a house at dusk

You’ve seen those really sexy dusk photos on higher-end properties. Who says you can’t do it on any property? Read more >

Jun 6,2019

Tips and techniques for capturing amazing property photos (Rightmove webinar)

In a tough property market, you have to be exceptional to survive. There’s no room for average.
One of the simplest and most effective things you can do to turn your average listings into exceptional listings is to focus on property photography. Get your photography right and the benefits are numerous. Read more >

May 15,2019

5 reasons why branded floor plans are cool

Obviously, custom branded floorplans are seriously cool. Here’s why. As well as giving your potential buyers a better idea of the size and layout of a property, they also show your attention to detail as an estate agent. Read more >

May 7,2019

What does it take to be an exceptional estate agent?

As an estate agent, you’ll know that you’re up against a lot of competition, but what can you do to stand out from the crowd and win more instructions? Read more >

Apr 1,2019

Personalise and protect your property images with a watermark

As an estate agent selling or letting a property, you want to do as much as you can to make the listing attractive and professional. Read more >

Mar 12,2019

Creating the ultimate Rightmove listing

You’re advertising your properties on Rightmove—but so is everyone else. What can you do to make your listings stand out?
Read more >

Mar 11,2019

New feature: Zoned colour floorplans

We’re excited to announce a new feature of our Floorplan Sketch Conversion service – Zoned colour floorplans. A feature that’s

Mar 5,2019

How to measure a floor plan to RICS guidelines

A chartered surveyor will adhere to certain standards when measuring a property to ensure that it is as accurate as possible. Read more >

Jan 28,2019

My first attempt at property photography

What happens when a complete photography novice gets his hands on a digital SLR and the Ultimate Guide to Property Photography?
Read more >

Jan 23,2019

Property videos and social media: the perfect match

It’s no secret that video is big news on the internet. As of 2019, video accounts for 80% of worldwide consumer internet traffic. Read more >

Jan 2,2019

DEAs: Convert EPC sketches into digital floor plans for more revenue

You’ve already sketched the property layout for the EPC, why not convert it into a digital floorplan as well? Read more >

Nov 13,2018

Is AutoCAD the best floor plan software for estate agents?

As an estate agent, you’ll know that floor plans are an essential addition to your listings. They give a clear idea of the size and layout of a property and help potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. Read more >

Oct 8,2018

Did you know? We can photoshop green grass into property photos

The summer heatwave in the UK has been great for a spot of sunbathing but it’s led to one unfortunate issue for estate agents: drying up all those lovely green lawns. Read more >

Jul 31,2018

Amazon’s impact on property photography

Seeing as you’re reading this on the internet, we’ll assume that you’ve heard of Amazon. The online shopping giant sells

Jul 13,2018

Property photography: It’s better with the lights on

Okay, so you’ve been convinced not to use flash, but how should you make the interior of your property brighter for photos? Our one top tip: Turn the lights on. Read more >

Jun 14,2018

3 reasons why blue sky in property photos is essential

How important is blue sky in property photos? Probably more important than you think! Online property listings and window displays only give you a few moments to wow those potential buyers. While you may not be able to control the terribly changeable British weather when it comes to house viewings, you can control the weather in your property photos. Read more >

May 14,2018

What’s the best alternative to Metropix?

Admit it. You kind of hate using Metropix. You’re an estate agent with a passion for selling property, not making floor plans. This isn’t what you signed up for. So now you’re googling “alternative to Metropix” in the hopes that there’s an easier way. Well, you’re in luck! There are a few options available. Read more >

Mar 23,2018

An estate agent’s guide to Metropix

Metropix – heard of it? Tons of agents use it but how does it work? Is it any good? And how much does it cost? So, you’re sketching out floor plans. Chances are you’ve heard of Metropix as tons of estate agents and floor plan providers use it to convert hand-drawn sketches into finished floor plan files. Read more >

Mar 2,2018

Property videos: What are my options?

So you’re selling properties online and want to add property videos to your listings, brilliant! Here’s 3 options. Read more >

Jan 9,2018

Video Slideshows: Convert your property photos into branded videos

From 2019, 80% of internet traffic will be video. Make sure you, the savvy estate agent (yes, that’s you!), are doing your part to buck this trend. We have a nifty new service to help you market your properties using video. We call it Video Slideshow. Read more >

Oct 10,2017

How to draw a floor plan

So you appreciate all the good things a floorplan can offer and want to know how to draw a floorplan yourself, awesome. Like many other agents or energy assessors, maybe you’re already creating floorplan but are fed up of Metropix or you find it too time-consuming to make the floorplans yourself. Read more >

Sep 8,2017

Interior Photography Tips: How to photograph through a window without over-exposing the shot

One of the most common questions we get about house interior photography is how to photograph interiors without daylight over-exposing and washing out the windows. The quick and honest answer is – it’s tough but can be done. Read more >

Aug 23,2017

3 reasons why you should be using floor plans in your property listings

Buyers love floorplans. They help listings stand out from the crowd. They can generate more enquiries, and convert those into viewings. They also help sell properties quicker. But many real estate agents don’t think they’re necessary. Why? Read more >

Apr 25,2017

Save thousands on professional property photography fees

Professional property photography will make your listings look the bees knees but are you paying more than needed to achieve the premium look? Read more >

Apr 12,2017

Convert your sketches into floor plans

Send us your floorplan sketches and we can quickly and cost effectively convert them into nice 2D floorplans. Read more >

Jan 13,2017

Bright sun and dark shadows – problem solved!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and you head out with a spring in your step to shoot a vendors house on glorious sunny day, perfect! Or actually, no it’s not, far from it. Read more >

Nov 17,2016

Colour correction for your property photos

That horrible yellow tinge that can wash over your property photos is not going to do any favours for your Rightmove listing. Get rid, here’s how. Read more >

Oct 20,2016

Add blue sky to property photos with a simple drag and drop

Have you always wondered how to add blue sky to your property photos but never had a clue how to do it? Here’s how to turn grey sky blue. Read more >

Sep 22,2016

Removing cars from property photos without the keys

Zim zimmer, who got the keys to my bimmer… Doesn’t matter. Get rid of cars from your property shots using Photoshop. Read more >

Sep 15,2016

Wide-angle wow factor

Pupils dilate, the buzz they’ve found their dream home kicks in and they instantly book a viewing. That’s the action you can trigger in your buyers with a little wide-angle lens wow factor. Read more >

May 6,2016

Who are we?

So this is Alex speaking/typing, I’m the founder of Elements Property and here’s the story of who we are, what we do and why we care so much about making your property photos amazing. Read more >

Apr 16,2016

The pyramid of importance

Who remembers from their school or uni days those pyramid chart things in text books? Here’s one for you about different aspects of property photography ranked from most to least important. No lectures, I promise. Read more >

Apr 14,2016

Case study: Excellent vs. poor photography

This video shows the whopping great difference between the photographic efforts of two different agents marketing the same property. One is a valued client of ours who take pride in their photography, one is not — and it shows. Read more >

Apr 12,2016

Shooting in difficult weather conditions

Weather is a royal pain. It varies the light level you have to play with, it changes without warning and it can dramatically affect the visual appeal of your shots. Read more >

Apr 5,2016

5 photo edits to turbo-charge your wow factor

Truth be told, you could be the best photographer around and your images straight off the memory card may still look dull. To maximise appeal, you need to enhance those pixels in post-production. Read more >

remove reflections
Sep 8,2016

The man in the mirror

MJ. What a legend, the king of pop. Become the king of estate agents by learning how to easily remove your reflection from property photos. Shamone. Read more >

Mar 22,2016

9 ways to prepare a property for a photo shoot

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail — or at least take a very average set of marketing photos. Here’s a few things you can do to make your property easy on the lens. Read more >

Mar 1,2016

Why you don’t need a tripod

There’s nothing worse than a blurry photo – 12.2 million pixels worth of blurry vinyl flooring is no joke. And it’s not that tripods are bad, they’re just unnecessary. Read more >

Feb 23,2016

How to shoot a dark room without a flash or tripod

Fancy flash equipment is expensive and can result in weird shadows. Tripods work – but who has the time? Good news, a DSLR with a wide angle lens will do the job perfectly, here’s how you do it. Read more >

Feb 16,2016

How to fine-tune your camera settings for stunning property photos

Got a digital SLR? Great! Confused about what P, Tv, Av, M, A-DEP stand for? Don’t worry, you can ignore most of these. Here’s the 10% of settings you need to know about. Read more >

Feb 10,2016

5 tips for composing your property shots like a pro

You don’t take a photograph, you make it. A well composed image is the foundation of a great property photo. Read more >

Jan 20,2016

First impressions matter: 4 reasons why great property photos are essential

Which marketing tool is the most important when selling property? The floorplan? The write-up? A 3D tour? We say it’s the photos, and for good reason (well, four actually). You’re about to find out why they matter so much… so buckle up. Read more >

Dec 1,2015

Are you shooting at the correct resolution?

Resolution, file type and file size – not the most exciting topics in the world, granted, but important ones nonetheless. Especially important if you’re a savvy estate agent wanting to take gorgeous photos that do your company brand justice, get the phone ringing off the hook and leaving elated vendors in your wake. So here are the basics. Read more >

Nov 27,2015

How to avoid leaning walls in your property photos

Things that lean can be good, just look at that tower in Pisa, people love it! Leaning walls in property photos, however, not so good. It’s best to try and avoid them, here’s how. Read more >

Nov 25,2015

15 estate agent photo fails

Here’s how NOT to take property photos, along with our top tips on how to deal with common issues that can arise when photographing houses. Read more >

Nov 17,2015

Can better property photos lead to higher sale prices?

It’s nice to have nice property photos, but do they actually affect the sale price? Whilst I have no empirical evidence for you (yet!), I do have some very interesting insight to suggest that they do. Read more >

Nov 13,2015

What’s the best camera and lens for property photography?

The secret to stunning marketing photographs guaranteed to sell any house / property / bat cave in under three minutes* is a digital SLR camera. Actually it’s the lens… but we’ll get to that in a moment. Read more >

What makes a great property photo?
Nov 10,2015

What makes a great property photo?

“Oooh look here, this listing has a nice set of drab, boring images. Let’s stop searching for our perfect home immediately and book a viewing!” Said no house-hunter. Ever. Read more >

Feb 13,2015

7 things you need to know about the 2018 EPC changes

After what seemed to be an eternity of uncertainty, the 2018 EPC regulation changes have been finalised. These EPC changes

Jan 13,2015

Commercial EPCs & how the 2018 changes affect agents & landlords

We’re finding many of our clients have little understanding of how the Energy Performance Certificate 2018 regulation changes will affect