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Property videos: What are my options?

So you’re selling properties online and want to add property videos to your listings. Brilliant! Here are 3 options.

Have you noticed that more and more websites are incorporating videos into their content? Videos provide engaging, bite-sized chunks of information, which pretty much any type of web content can benefit from.

Is it fair to say that we’re becoming lazier online? The herculean effort required to raise a tired arm and swipe an exasperated finger to move between property photos is just too much for some. Or maybe the majority.

Perhaps we’re just busier than before and doing stuff like eating the freshly ‘deliverood’ Pad Thai whilst checking out property listings on the iPad is the norm. Property videos facilitate the lazy and busy amongst us to sit back and simply absorb the property pixels, no hands needed.

It might sound too fancy, too complicated or too expensive, but there really is a video option for everyone. If you’ve never considered property videos, read on to see what your listings are missing!

Why should I add property videos to my listings?

Making your listing as engaging as possible will help you to stand out from the crowd, generate more interest and more viewings. That’s what it’s all about, right?

Property videos are a great way of doing this, and there are several ways to make videos that really showcase and sell your property.

Whilst a Tony Stark-style mansion will have the budget for a high-end 3D 360° Virtual Reality or Pro Video Tour, your average 3 bed semi won’t. But that doesn’t mean that your bread-and-butter properties can’t come to the video party!

If you’ve read our stuff before, you’ll know we believe that great property photography is essential and that there are some strong arguments (3, actually) for why you should include a floor plan in your listing.

But with lots of agents now having both, video is another way to make your listing stand out. Property videos are engaging—and they look pretty fancy, too! Still not convinced? Here are some things to consider…

  1. People LOVE video: By 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic. Showcase your properties in a way that people want and expect to see.
  2. Stand out from the crowd: A branded video can be the icing on the cake of your listing! Are your competitors using videos? No? Then your listing will be all the more enticing!
  3. Win more instructions: When pitching for your vendor’s business, just drop in: “Oh yeah, and we’ll be marketing your property with a beautiful 1080p HD video on the portals and our social media channels”. See what happens.
  4. Better for your SEO: Google loves engaging content and pages with videos often rank better than ones without. Property videos are good for your audience and good for SEO.
  5. Tyre kickers: Some kinds of property video will give an excellent overview of the house, weeding out people who would have booked a viewing and wasted your time but now, after watching the video tour, know not to bother.

Starting to come round to the idea of property videos?

Take a look at our rundown of the various types of video to learn how to give your listings that wow factor!

#1: 3D Virtual Reality Tours

This one feels a bit sci-fi but it’s pretty impressive. 3D Virtual Reality Tours allow potential buyers to explore the inside of the property through a full 3D 360° walk-through. If you’ve ever looked at a company’s internal Street View on Google Maps, it’s just like that.

People can navigate through the house, going from room to room as if they were actually there! They get a good feel for the property’s size and layout, and can view the rooms from any angle. If you’re feeling particularly fancy, you can use a VR headset for a totally immersive experience.

Matterport is a popular technology/company providing 3D Virtual Reality Tours, click here to see a real life example >

What properties is it for?

A high-quality 3D 360° property tour isn’t cheap, so they’re better suited to luxury properties with a higher return on investment.

VR tours also work best on properties that are well presented throughout, rather than those trickier ‘viewing strongly recommended’ listings.

How do I do it?

The property is photographed using 360° cameras. Special software is then used to stitch the images together, creating a virtual property. You can also highlight areas of interest like hardwood floors or brand-new fitted appliances that you don’t want people to miss!


A VR tour is a really impressive way to show off a property and adds prestige to your brand. As this technology gets cheaper and more accessible, 360° tours may become the norm, so now could be a great time to get ahead of the trend!


You probably won’t be able to make a VR tour if you’re not a professional, and hiring one can be expensive. It might be out of your price range right now, but costs could drop as the tech becomes more common.

The software required for viewing 360° tours isn’t supported by Rightmove or Zoopla. You’ll have to host the tours on your own site and link to it from the listing—though this has the added bonus of getting more people onto your website!

#2: Pro Video Tours (aka Virtual Tours)

A Professional Video Tour is a recorded walk-through of the property, taking viewers into each room individually. You can even include the surrounding area in your video, giving a flavour of the location.

Specialist camera and recording equipment is used to keep the camera still and smoothly glide around the house. The footage is then professionally edited in software like Adobe Premiere Pro with music and graphics added.

What properties is it for?

Pro Video Tours are, on the whole, still for the higher end stuff, but this will depend on what area of the country you’re in (which determines the value and therefore your commission and budget).

These professionally made property videos (yes, you’ll need to hire an expert) give a clear idea of size and layout, allowing viewers to feel as though they’ve already visited. And, to be honest, on a nice house, they look incredible!

If you want to ditch the ‘Pro’ aspect of the video tour, then you could do it yourself by just walking around the house and record it on your smartphone. However, the difference between your video tour and a Pro Video Tour will be, err, kind of noticeable.

How do I do it?

Someone physically walks around the property, filming their point of view as they go. Whether that’s a professional videographer or someone with a smartphone is up to you and your budget.

Your video can be a simple walk-through or something with higher production value, using tracking shots or even drone footage. You can edit the video after with branding, music and narration if you like.


Professional Video (or Virtual) Tours give a great idea of the property and can look phenomenal in a nice home, definitely ramping up the ‘warm tingly feeling’ someone gets when they just have to book a viewing!

Plus, they’re doable for anyone with basic camera skills if you go down the DIY route (but these don’t look phenomenal).


Depending on your skills and what you want the end result to be, video tours can take a long time to make. Hiring someone who know how to do it properly can get expensive, especially if you opt for all the bells and whistles.

#3: Video Slideshows

A Video Slideshow is the easiest and cheapest way to make a video tour. They simply transform property photos into video, playing them one after the other like a slideshow. While these may now sound pretty basic compared to the other 2 options, they can still look very cool!

Photos of the property are displayed alongside various transitions, motion effects and music. You can also encourage people to contact you by adding your own custom branding and a CTA. Good video slideshows are much more dynamic and engaging than photos, and can help you to get real people through those doors!

What properties is it for?

Video Slideshows are perfect for properties of all shapes and sizes, both low and high value, as they can be created very quickly (Like, a few hours after taking the photos quickly). They’re also extremely cost-effective.

How do I do it?

You can use software like Adobe Premiere Pro, or there are companies that can do it for you (that’s where we come in!).

You’ll need to take the pictures of the house first, then either add them to Premiere Pro or send them to us to do it for you. The example Video Slideshow above is one that we made.

To make sure that your videos look awesome, the images need to be awesome as well. Download our Ultimate Guide to Property Photography for our simple tips to help you to capture sensational shots! You may also fancy enhancing your images first to show the property in its best light.


Video Slideshows are a really affordable option suitable for a wide range of properties. They’re quick and easy to create, and don’t require expensive equipment or time-consuming video shoots.

A slideshow can be just as engaging and informative as a walk-through tour, but at a fraction of the cost, giving a great return on investment. If you’ve got a nice set of property photos, you’ve got what you need for a great property video!

Video slideshows can also be displayed in the ‘Video Tour’ tab on Rightmove.


A Video Slideshow can’t display the precise layout of a property in the same way as a VR or pro video tour; they can only show what the photos show.

They are less immersive and less impressive compared to other types of property video available.

Video Slideshows from Elements Property

If you like the look of property videos and want to learn more about what we can do, head over to our Video Slideshows page for more info and to see further examples, or get in touch if you’ve got any questions.

Simply send us your images and we’ll transform them into an engaging HD video in just 3 hours! We’ll customise it with your logo and brand colours, a CTA to encourage viewers to take the next step, and you can even pick the music!

Want to try us out for free? We can offer you a free trial on 3 Video Slideshow orders. Just enter BLOG30 when you create an account 🙂



Video Slideshows: Convert your property photos into branded videos

From 2019, 80% of internet traffic will be video. Make sure you, the savvy estate agent (yes, that’s you!), are doing your part to buck this trend.

We have a nifty new service to help you market your properties using video. We call it Video Slideshow.

Have you ever thought “As an agency, we should be doing more with video”? You may feel it in your bones that video is the way things are going (and the headline stat from Cisco confirms it). Maybe you’ve dabbled? Or you market property with video already? It could be you have absolutely no idea where to begin with video?!

Whatever angle you’re coming at this from, in this article, you’ll learn how you can market your properties using video without ever pressing record on a camera. And without ever needing to do some fancy jiggery-pokery in a video editing package like Adobe Premiere Pro.

How? Leave all that to us.

video slideshows property

What are Video Slideshows?

Video Slideshows are our new, super easy and low cost solution for converting property photos into completely bespoke 1080p HD branded videos. These are great for marketing your properties in a way that people love to see and for maximising the wow factor of your listings.

The property videos we create are perfect for showcasing your listings on Rightmove, social media, your website and anywhere else you can share or embed a video link.

If you have worked with Elements before, chances are you know us for our much-loved Image Enhancement service, where we boost the appeal of your property photos to the max using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

With Video Slideshow, we go a step further and transform the property images we enhance into video.

Slow panning across the photos – from room to room – combined with the images softly dissolving into one another helps to inject the feeling of motion into the previously still images.

We know the importance of music in stirring up emotions. That’s why we’ve channelled our inner Hans Zimmer to offer a choice of 12 amazing music tracks to play in the background. Inspiring, Mellow and Upbeat are the genres on offer, with 4 tracks in each.

Property videos customised to your brand

It just wouldn’t be an Elements service without complete customisation as standard now would it!

At the start and end of the video, your logo is stamped into the video. We’ll automatically convert your logo into a file type suitable for video.

On the video thumbnail, there’s a block of colour that can be changed to match your main brand colour. Other key transitions and graphics are changed to match as well.

Your contact telephone number and email are displayed on the final frame of the video so viewers know exactly how to reach you, regardless of where they see the video.

Also on the final frame of the video, you have 3 options for the imagery. Choose to display either a nice external shot of the property, a photo of your branch or a nice smiley photo of your team 🙂

Marketing property using video slideshows

Enough chat. If a picture paints a thousand words, what about a video? Here’s some example Video Slideshows…

Cool right?

Did you notice you can also show off 6 key features of the property early on in the video? These clearly highlight the best aspects of the property for all to see.

In each Video Slideshow, between 8 – 24 photos can be displayed. Therefore, the length of each video varies depending on how many property photos make up the video.

Run times vary from 52 seconds to 110 seconds, with each image being shown for around 3 seconds.

To keep things quick and easy for you, we can choose the order that the images are shown in. Or, if you want to do it, simply rename the image files 1, 2, 3 etc before placing the order.

The order we go for starts outside at the front of the property. We then move through the ground floor, up to the second floor, then outside to the garden.

To enhance or not enhance, that is the question

Is it really though? Don’t you think nice colourful, professionally enhanced photos look way better than drab images straight off the camera? Your Rightmove listings and your estate agency window will look way better!

We certainly think enhanced images are the way to go. That’s why we’ve made it super easy for you to order Video Slideshows by simply selecting the property reference for a recent Image Enhancement order.

Then, all you need to do is tell us a little more info about the property. For example, it’s 6 key features, whether it’s for sale or to let, the address to show etc. Then that’s it, we’ll do the rest!

If you don’t want your images enhancing, fear not. We do have the option to transform regular ‘unenhanced’ or ‘original’ images into video if you prefer. So no blue sky enhancement, no colour boosts, no shadow lifts, no sharpening of clarity, no watermarking, no objects removing, no nothing.

For unenhanced images, just upload a zip file of the property images on the Video Slideshow new order page.

How to order a Video Slideshow

In typical Elements style, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you! Learn how to convert your photos to video by checking out this article > How do I order a Video Slideshow?

Do you want to try it for free?

If you’re new to Elements, why not create an account? You’ll get 3 free orders where you can try out all our online services including Video Slideshow using the promo code BLOG28 when creating an account.

To learn more about Video Slideshows, just click the button!